By Lenny Schutz
7 months, 2 weeks, 2 days
After spending a few days on an island where small scale farmers live and after talking to residents, we figured out why they are still struggling no matter how much effort the Government exerts to improve their lives. To be honest, it's not a secret, a lot of people know that this group of society is one of the most exploited people in the country.

It is indeed heartbreaking to hear from the youth that they don't see any growth from their own community. With this, we know that something has to be changed.

Informal lenders are just doing business as usual, this is their way to earn money for their necessities. Nothing wrong with that. But as the saying goes, “Too much of anything is bad. “ In this case, lending too much to fishermen more than they can pay is never good. To lend them money and expecting all their catch to be sold to you might be a little too much. But, don't get us wrong, we understand why. This is the only way, a lender can make sure the fishermen will repay.

We believe that lending someone more than they can pay is not helping them at all. Block Group's mission is to help all farmers and fishermen have a better life. Find ways to help them become a strong group of people that society needs. To educate them with a lot of things that will be beneficial for their everyday living and to make sure that they will be able to access the banked world.

Block Group, wants to secure that each farmer and fishermen will be properly educated about cryptocurrency and to make sure that each of them will own CLIX and SCF token. Educating them on how they can slowly better their finances is the very first step. With lesser financial stress, we are hoping to see lesser drunk fishermen on the island. With CLIC PH ecosystem, we will encourage all fishermen to sell their own catch to the market making them official fishermen and a businessman at the same time. With this, they will know and feel the importance of what they do. They won't just catch fish because they need it to survive day by day but they will realize the importance of the role they play in society. Without them, no seafood will be available.

We will schedule seminars to properly educate and explain how our ecosystem and marketplace works and the benefits of using it. We will also introduce them to the crypto world, we will also give them free CLIX and SCF tokens and properly educate them on how they can fully benefit from them. With free CLIX and SCF tokens, they can buy whatever they want from the marketplace as CLIX tokens will be the primary payment method. With the CLIC wallet, they will experience life with crypto-currency. They can trade and stake their crypto holdings. We will also offer them micro-loans to give them temporary aid to their financial needs.

With our ecosystem and market place, we will open new opportunities for all small scale fishermen. They will be able to experience how to use digital currency and experience to sell their own catch using an online platform. With this, they will enhance their online knowledge and will get used to using phones, and maximize the use of the internet. Through our marketplace, they will reach multiple buyers and will be able to sell around the country. Unleashing limitless opportunities and a promising future awaiting all of them.

Aside from improving their finances, we will also try our very best to improve their lives with the help of the local government units by conducting seminars about family planning. Our goal is for them to fully understand why family planning is very important. We will educate them with all methods available and give them free contraceptives pills and condoms. With this, they will realize how irresponsible sex life is impacting their lives and their kids at the same time. We will make sure that they will know that being a parent comes with a huge responsibility.

Blockgroup's vision is to fully understand how to improve farmers' and fishermen's life by knowing each struggle and the cause of it. It will never be easy but by doing few steps, we are hoping that one day they can live free of debts and enjoy what they do every day. Our mission is to make sure that the youth won't see their society as a dead end. We want to open their eyes that wherever you are, opportunities are there to unleash. We want the youth to realize the importance of what their parents do in their society, for them to be proud of them. When they see that their parents have enough for them, they might stay in the islands not just to become fishermen but visionaries. With their experience, staying in the islands every day, they know what they have and with Block group, we are hopeful that we can join hands to showcase the beauty of the Philippines Islands and improve the lives of its citizens.


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