Vannamei Shrimps

Sc Farm
PH Philippines, Pangasinan
Fresh directly from the shrimp farm. Enjoy the freshness and the tastiest shrimp available in the market.
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Vannamei grows faster up to 1.0 to 1.5 grams (g) per week, size at harvest is also more uniform, thus reducing the need to sort the shrimps before delivery to the market. Since it is less aggressive than other prawns, Vannamei can also be stocked at higher densities without worrying about cannibalism.

Additionally, Vannamei is tolerant of a wider range of salinities, making it more amenable to inland areas far from the sea. Due to its tolerance of lower temperatures, Vannamei can also be cultured in the cold season. More importantly, Vannamei farms so far have not experienced massive outbreaks of White Spot Syndrome Virus or WSSV, and the production level is more predictable.

During grow-out, Vannamei is relatively easy to culture. As with any aquaculture species, proper pond management is vital to ensure its profitability.

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